Zia Hassan


My birthday was memorable. OASN took a trip to Drexel to sing with their groups, and we stopped at cracker barrel on the way. Maybe 60% of joy during roadtrips come from rest stops. In the same way that women have their menstrual cycle at the time when they live together, male a capella groups crave the exact same type of food at the exact same moment. Generally that means Wendy’s or Steak n Egg. But there’s nothing like hearing “That’s exactly what I was thinking.”
The after party was at a small and sneaky house, with floors upon floors. Maybe it was the alcohol, but it seemed as if there were infinite floors in this house. We stayed in a small townhouse near “Rape Park” (where people get stabbed). I came back to the townhouse a bit early and somehow I was good to go by noon the next day.

The parents had a surprise party for me, and had invited the entire group, other AU friends, and a stripper named Aisha/Tara. I had no idea what to do. But Ben and I licked whipped cream off of her nipple, and she put a push pop in her vagina.