Zia Hassan

Only Sleeps With Butterflies

Today marked a very joyous day in history. OASN went from inviting new members by email to an actual intiation, Chambers style. Ed, Scott, Ace and I got together for a few hours yesterday to figure something worthy out.

The plan went down this morning. Ed and I sneak into Leonard at approximately 2:57 am. New OASN member Dominic is partying in a room on our floor. We capture him and blindfold him with Liza's handkerchief.

At approximately the same time on the other side, of campus, Ace and Scott capture new OASN member TJ, after finding a replacement for him at his job (the same job that I have). At approximately 3:03, all of us meet up at Scott's car in the tunnel. The new members are told not to speak and to get in the car.

We drive to a secret location and both victims put their hands on glass and repeat the OASN oath, passed down through many generations of singers (we wrote it last night). After they verbally admit that they are “but notes on an empty staff, and will soon join the harmonius powerchord that is On a Sensual Note” the blindfolds are removed and we're at Steak n Egg. Breakfast!

After breakfast, I sleep for an hour and go to work, where I am now. I've skimmed through the poetry reading for today's class at 12:45 and it's all random bullshit. I got my first assignment back in African American Lit, and I did horribly. I got the lowest grade in the class (other people got the same grade, but I was still in that category). And his notes said that I summarized too much instead of analyzing. I always told myself I'd never be one of those people.

So anyway, I'm pretty disappointed in myself. All this means though is I have to stay motivated and do better next time. Can't be that hard, right? I guess it's just the standard wake up call that I tend to get around the third of week of class.

On another note, I'm loving this job. I feel like I'm in high school again, but eh. I'm sure that I will get used to it. This time of day is perfect too.

I've decided that people who are horrible don't deserve attention. Sounds logical, but unfortunately they end up getting it the most. No one in particular, but I think this is just going to be my policy from now on.