Zia Hassan

All Things In Time Is All Youll Ever Need

+++ title = “01” date = 2005 +++

This semester is sort of taunting me. Normally I can sit in my classes and after the first week, have an idea of how horrible it's going to be. With this current semester, I have absolutely no clue. I'm sure that will change soon, but who knows. What's nice is that I won't have work for another couple of days. I wouldn't say this job is stressful, but it's high tension. Like… something could go wrong, but I've had good luck.

So I've moved even farther away from the pretty desktop features, and moved to a windows manager that's entirely keyboard activated. I hardly touch the mouse anymore, because my mp3 player and AIM are all keyboard activated too. It's really awesome, every window takes up the full screen, but I can set it up so that it goes into a split screen mode. The writer musta really hated his mouse because it's called ratpoison. As in, killing the rodent. I originally thought I'd end up hating it, but it's lightning fast and really efficient.

bsflite in top window, mocp in lower.

logjam in top window, firefox in lower.

I played poker with the guys and lost horribly. But I was never a competitive guy. It doesn't really matter.

Edited cause i fixed the pictures.