Zia Hassan

Desk Fun

+++ title = “01” date = 2005 +++

I'm at my new job right now. And I have to say I really love it. I only have to work 2 hours at a time, and I can work at whatever time of the day I want, provided that no one else takes that space before, provided I get a number that works that way, when we draw out of a hat, in a random bingo game that lasts for 2 hours and usually results in a few people working crazy overtime.

But I guess that's how life works out. Anyway, I sit here behind a desk, get asked questions, phone calls are made, IDs are checked, and I just sit here and type away on my laptop. I need to take more early morning/late night shifts. Just as long as it isn't like… 3:30-5:30.

But other than that, school has been actually really invigorating. My classes kick a lot of ass. Here's a little rundown with z. (That was the best joke I've ever made, and if you missed it, I'm sorry.)

Physics: My professor is absolutely nuts. I mean absolutely. We walked in and she was playing “American Pie.” Which is fine, I like that song. She said “It's funny, I'm dating myself. I mean… not like, having sex with myself. I mean, this song is older than myself. HA nevermind.” Seems like she really cares about teaching, went on and on about how other schools wish they had AU's gen ed program. And I actually realized if it wasn't for the Gen Ed program I'd probably still be taking shitty audio tech classes for the major.

Managerial Accounting: Honest to God, this class seems really interesting. We spent the class talking about the differences between financial and managerial accounting. It seems like managerial is just a lot less formal, and the accounts are a lot more broad. Which works for me, since Financial was so goddamn specific.

African American Lit: My professor fucking rocks. We talked about the moral responsibility that blacks supposedely have when they're writing. And how indentity will show it's face no matter what. “And perhaps blacks will want to write like Tennyson. Write like Tennyson! Write like John Coltrane!” I have a feeling that this will be favorite lit class yet.

Experience of Poetry: I've got this in a couple of hours. Apparently the teacher is a huge bitch… we'll see how this goes. I'm good with bitchy teachers.

Sound Synth II: Yeah I don't know how this is going to pan out. The projects look kind of cool actually… we're doing one with Csound (writing C code and compiling it in soundform.) But, the class started 15 minutes late, ended 40 minutes early, and we went around and played the name game with diseases (I'm Dan and I have down syndrome)… even though we all know each other from last semester.

I came across that speak in truth journal or whatever. I mean, obviously as everyone's pointed out, the person who posted has no soul. But come on – it was obvious they wanted a bitchfight on the net through the comments and everyone gave it to them. If no one commented, no one woulda cared, and Ms. Speak in truth would have been extremely sad-faced… 🙁

And then I heard something about Wootton cheerleaders being in porn or something. Man, I'm really glad I don't live in North Potomac anymore.