Zia Hassan

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Napping is my new found secret talent. I came home afterschool yesterday and just passed out. It was probably due to the fact that I was out at the concert the night before, but the fact is I was still passed the fuck out. Still addicted to gum. Good lord. Been chewing this shit forever now.

After the nap I watched a movie with Christine and that was fun. Well the movie was ok… being with Christine was awesome. And after that I headed over to Mariam’s… Billy Jon and I slept over. They had just finished watching Dumb and Dumber, which I’ve still never seen. We played Cranium with Mariam’s cousins and it was guys vs. girls. Who do you think won? 😉

It’s alwys good to have Billy on your team. Competitive as shit, and boasts about never losing. The sweet thing is, I’ve never seen him lose! Especially last night. We were on fire. Here comes another piece of gum.

I fell asleep around 3, which is better than I thought I’d do, and I woke up and chatted with Laura on my cell phone while relaxing in bed. Portable AIM is deadly. In terms of ringing up a huge bill. Ha, ringing.

Woke up this morning and went to IHOP, and Jon insisted on nothing but IHOP. We got there and the place was PACKED. For some reason our party of 4 waited for like 10 mins but the entrance was JAM PACKED with people trying to get in to eat their waffles. 1 in the afternoon too. Unbelievable.

It was a fun night, but I don’t feel like going into detail about it. I have napping to do. Sexton tonight! Can’t fucking wait.