Zia Hassan


I haven’t made an entry in a while, and that’s totally cool with me, because I just didn’t feel like writing. But once again, now I do. And I guess that’s the way things should always work, right?

Rehearsals have started to pick up again, and I dig it a lot. I’m at school till late but I’m occupied. And plus, I get to see Christine more.

Last entry I made I was feeling really in place, and everything was feeling nice. And it keeps flip flopping between that and this feeling of torture. School should be really easy right now but it isn’t, mainly because of theory and the terrible job that Relland is doing. Luckily, Ingram is tutoring me, or at least she did today and it helped a lot. I learned in one class period what I coudln’t figure out for an entire semester, and that ain’t no lie.

My sister is angry with me because I hate driving her home everyday. Well I do. Shes annoying.

My mom is prodding me to call Sue Kline, she works at NPR which on American’s campus, and my mom thinks I should call her and ask for a job. I don’t feel comfortable with that and I think my mom knows it. I’m exhausted.

American Idol is tonight. I can’t wait to watch it, I really hope frenchie stays. But I’m sure she will, I can’t really see America bumping her off unless they have a damn good reason.

I feel like I don’t belong at all. Everybody probably feels like that. Maybe I read into stuff too much, or maybe I’m paranoid, but there’s always that one glimmer of possibility, and that’s what people like me thrive on. I bet you that Truman had suspcions his entire life, but all his friends told him he was paranoid. Maybe it’s the same way for me. Not as extreme obviously, I’m not living a TV show, but maybe I’m being mislead. Wish I knew.

I’d write about my life in more detail but I’m just too exhausted.