Zia Hassan

Review Day

+++ title = “01” date = 2003 +++

It’s funny I can’t even remember what happened yesterday. Oh yeah! It was review day.

Well anyway, I was pretty nervous for my english exam since I never read books. I wrote my first essay in like 1.25 hours, really well too, and then I came back to my Hamlet essay. I thought I did pretty badly, but it was what she wanted, so I guess I’m cool. Glad to know that’s over. Also glad that we exams today, I got to be with Christine. We had a whole chat about me being intimidated by her friends. I used to just feel like they hated me, but truly I’m just afraid to the accept the fact that I may be liked by them.

And now I have go to pick up my sister from school. I was JUST there. God I hate this.