Zia Hassan

The Real Reason Everyone Hates The Dmv

Imagine if you arrived and were handed a number. You sit down and watch the numbers scroll through, one by one. You’re #45, and they’re on #17. No problem, you think. It’s a long wait, but it keeps getting closer.

But this isn’t what happens at the DMV. Instead, you get a letter AND a number. And instead of watching a chronological path from a lower number to your higher number, you instead watch as random letters and numbers are called before you.

Perhaps you’re A5, and you just heard A4 called. You might think you’re up next, but then you hear B19 called. Followed by A6.

Is it random? Is there a system? There’s no one to ask, because no one knows.

It’s not the wait. It’s the uncertainty. It’s the not knowing of how long you’ll be stuck in this non-chronological purgatory.

What’s even scarier is that this random and uncertain nature is, as far as I can tell, also how the universe works.