Zia Hassan

Intuitive Eating

+++ title = “02” date = 2020 +++

Diet trends are fascinating to watch. They come, they go, they morph and they reappear under different names.

A popular idea right now is that of intuitive eating. Rather than stick to calorie limits or re-balance macronutrients, the idea is simply that you listen to your body and stop eating when you’re full.

This is most likely the healthiest way to approach weight loss/healthy eating, once you understand what “full” means (many of us think of “full” as “stuffed.”) 

It’s interesting to watch my son engage with intuitive eating. He’s a ferocious eater and will usually take more food than most of his peers, but he knows when he’s done. And I know this because he says “done.” He could cry his face off for just one more spoonful of hummus (his current favorite) and then be “done.”

He doesn’t have to think about food after the food is done. He’s hungry and then he wants. He’s full and then he doesn’t.

I’d like to be more like him.