Zia Hassan

Regretting Regret

It’s a total coincidence that I happened to post about Mark Manson’s article yesterday because I read another one of his pieces this morning and it connected to one of the ideas on my ongoing list of potential blog topics.

And that is, the idea of regret. 

I met a friend in High School who said that he wants to have no regrets at all. The idea was foreign to me at the time, but when I started to think about it, I realized the implications.

You can really make most any mistake and immediately forgive yourself and move on. There are exceptions of course, like if you were to really be malicious or irresponsible and cause harm to another person. But I feel that if your goal is to have no regrets, you’ll do everything you can to avoid those types of situations.

The last thing I want is for my deathbed self-talk to be about how I should have less regrets. In other words, if regretting regret is the last thing I do, I’ll have to finally conquer regret in those final moments in the saddest way possible.