Zia Hassan

Costumes Vs Outfits

I recently discovered that the men’s suit was modeled off of the type of outfit that military generals wear. It got me wondering… what’s the difference between an outfit and a costume?

An outfit is also more personal in some ways, but then again a costume is very personal too. If you asked me and I had no resources, I’d say that the distinction is a costume is make believe, and an outfit is based in reality. 

But then I’d wonder about make believe vs. reality. Do we “play” the people that show up to do our jobs? Do we “play” being a good Samaritan? Do we “play” someone who is politically woke or well-informed?

If you answered yes to any of the above (or any of the unlisted ones), then your outfits are occasionally costumes. 

Or…you who work in theater or a similar craft and literally, your costumes are outfits.

Either way, the line is blurry.