Zia Hassan

A Concert Alone

I rarely go to live events on my own. Rarely do I see concerts by myself, or movies, or plays. It just feels so lonely. But when I do go alone to these kinds of events, I get a very special feeling.

When I see a movie or concert alone, and I walk out of the theater… there’s no one to talk to. No one to reflect on the experience with. Therefore, I’m left with my own thoughts and only my thoughts.

The first time it happened, I couldn’t decide whether or not I liked what I had just seen (Austrian guitarist Fennesz). That usually doesn’t happen – I have some idea usually of how I liked a performance. It made me think that perhaps there have been other performance I wasn’t sure about, but that I just agreed with the opinion of whomever I was with.

So if you really want to experience what it’s like to tune into yourself and your thoughts about art, try the experience without other people giving you inputs. It might change the way you process.