Zia Hassan

Time For Sleep

It’s a trade.

I give up 8 hours in my 24 hour day in order to get reenergized and recovered. It was fashionable when I was a baby to trade a lot of time for it, because I needed to recover often. But when I was a teen, I thought I didn’t need to recover as much and so spent less time on to sleep… until I crashed and burned mid-week.

As a college student, my days were often unpredictable. The 8 hours of sleep per day would come, but maybe in chunks, or maybe in the complete opposite part fo the day where other people sleeping.

These days, I pay my dues. I trade the right amount and quality of time (at night, when nothing is really happening and everyone else is asleep) for energy and present mind during the day. I like it that way, and maybe this is a symptom of being in my mid-30s.

We trade time for sleep, but eventually when we rob ourselves of sleep, sleep robs us of our time..