Zia Hassan

Beautifully Flawed

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“You’re beautifully flawed,” someone once said to me.

But is there any type of flaw that isn’t beautiful? Is there such thing as an ugly flaw?

I suppose what people mean when they say “beautifully flawed” is that they find my more challenging qualities endearing. They’re trying to communicate, in a compassionate way, that they accept me for who I am.

But they do this because they know me, because we are friends. They’ve seen me at my worst, and they still went on loving me anyway. But when a politician or movie producer has some obvious flaws in their character, they aren’t beautiful anymore – they’re repulsive and horrible.

Assuming no one is perfect (or everyone is perfect), we’ll all have qualities that others will either see as horrible, no good flaws, or beautiful flaws.

In other words, we are the ones who assign values to other people’s flaws. We are the ones who say whether someone else’s flaws are beautiful or repulsive. In other words, we reserve judgment.

What to do then, as a human with flaws being judged by others? Perhaps the best course of action is to not assign value to our own flaws. Let’s let other people do it for us, for that is their task and has nothing to do with us, and let’s keep on living and moving forward with whatever it is we’ve got.