Zia Hassan

3 Better

I’m sitting on my couch staring out the window, a practice I do quite often these days, and all of a sudden I’m thinking about the times we spent together. I’m thinking about your laugh, your smile, the way you hold a tea cup.

To put it simply: I miss you.

And then I start to wonder what’s happening in my head that I miss you. Was it the bird I noticed outside the window that reminded me of how windows let me see things, and was it that thought that took me to the kitchen window where we sat eating popcorn, and was it that image that brought back the aromas and smells of my childhood kitchen? Was that what made me miss you?

And are we made to miss people? Or does the “missing” just happen, like thoughts flitting across the stage of our mind? Is missing just a form of thinking but with a more severe form of attachment?

Either way, I hope we can get together sometime and talk about all of this. Whether “missing” happens to me or it’s something I do, all I know is that if you were here to talk to, I’d feel at least 3% better.