Zia Hassan

Kind Acts Privately

Recently, I decided to donate to someone’s online fundraiser. They were going through a hard time and needed money.

As I went to the checkout, there was a checkbox that said “Do you want to remain anonymous?” Checking this box meant that my name wouldn’t be included on the GoFundMe page.

I paused for a minute to think about why I would want to make my name known as a donor. My first thought was maybe that people might see my name and think that I’m cheap, that I donated an amount that was below the unspoken standard.

But then I realized that what I was doing, ultimately, was trying to help someone in need. And that not even they need to know who I am, or that I chose to be a donor.

It’s easy to make the act of charity about ourselves, our own need to be seen a hero, when it really should be about the person who we’re helping. So from now on, when I do an act of kindness, to make sure that it’s really genuine, I’m not going to tell anyone about it. If possible, not even the person who I’m helping.