Zia Hassan

Responsibilities As Creators And Consumers

When we engage on the web, we’re either taking the role of the creator or the consumer.

We’re either the ones writing the blog posts and directing the videos, or we’re the ones reading and watching them. This role changes often throughout the day.

As a consumer, we have a responsibility to change the channel if we’re not into what we’re seeing. Yes, it’s important to develop a world view, to see perspectives that don’t match ours… but instead of complaining about how annoying everyone on Twitter is, better to just whittle down the follower list until the experience becomes better. It’s on us as consumers to change the channel, not on the creators.

As a creator, we have a responsibility to speak our minds fully and without a filter. This only works when consumers take their responsibility of changing channels more seriously. It means that less people might see what we create (because honesty can be polarizing sometimes), but it will mean that the right people see what we create.

These two acts, consuming and creating, exist in harmony as long as both parties adhere to their responsibilities.