Zia Hassan

Busy Or Satisfied

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Many bloggers have argued that productivity is the goal, and then there are others who say that it’s more about the quality of the day rather than how much was accomplished.

Should we focus on being busy or satisfied?

There are merits to both. When we’re busy, our mind is occupied by our tasks. We are engrossed in what we’re doing, and occasionally we hit the point of “flow.”

Satisfied is being able to fall asleep at night knowing that you moved the needle on whatever you wanted to move the needle on.

We don’t have to pick one or the other. It’s fine to be in a state of flow without feeling like you moved the needle. Then it becomes about process. And it’s also fine to spend 20 minutes on the thing you’ve been meaning to spend 20 minutes on. That’s about joy.

But if we can be both… there’s nothing like it.