Zia Hassan

Dont Sit So Close To The Screen

+++ title = “09” date = 2019 +++

I think kids should be able to watch TV. And a lot of it.

Not Netflix or an iPad device that allows them to pick any channel and binge the same TV show for hours like a monster.

No, I mean TV. Passing, fleeting, TV. The type where you can’t choose what will be shown, the kind where you have to make it a priority, the kind that teaches you lessons about life.

One of my favorite shows, Hey Dude, taught me a lot of life lessons. I acquired these pieces of wisdom throughout the show’s 65 episodes that I religiously videotaped every time they were on. I learned about how and why to keep a secret, why it’s silly to have a battle of the sexes, how parents worry about their children.

These are lessons I may not have received in other forms. Or at least not as directly as I got from this Nickelodeon show.

My parents used to say that sitting so close to the TV would ruin my eyes, but I think it has helped me to see more clearly.