Zia Hassan

On Being Reliable

+++ title = “08” date = 2019 +++

Many people make it a goal to be more reliable. To be the kind of person that can be trusted, one that keeps promises.

How do we practice this? It’s not as easy as it sounds.

I find myself more reliable in the last few years than I’ve ever been before. I can tell because people in my life trust me to complete important projects and tasks.

But the interesting part is that I haven’t tried to become a more reliable person to others. Instead, I’ve been working on self reliance.

I haven’t been trying to keep promises to others as much as I have been trying to keep promises to myself. And the most essential part of that process is deciding what promises to make to myself. If I constantly think about what promises I’ve made to everyone else, I end up feeling aimless.

I cultivate my own values this way and tune into my inner voice. The by product is that I’m now seen as more reliable to others as an unintended but welcome result.