Zia Hassan

Being A Novice Is Fair Game

When I first started playing guitar and piano, every note and every chord were fair game.

When I started programming, a simple print hello world program was fair game.

When I started working out more regularly, every exercise and even type of weight was fair game.

The question is: when did the most basic elements of a practice become unfair game? It probably happened when we started challenging ourselves to become more adventurous and try expanding our skills. But why does it feel cheap to act like a beginner?

Why does it feel inauthentic to write songs that use the most basic chords, or yoga poses that are used by novices?

Maybe the antidote is to instill the belief that everything is fair game. If true, it means that we can grow in our skills while still finding meaning and value in the basics.

It’s why lullabies are sometimes the truest music of all, despite the fact that they are simple. There is something about simplicity that soothes hearts and souls.

In fact, it’s completely normal to miss being a novice.