Zia Hassan

Salad Adventure

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I’ve done it. I’ve bought myself five mason jars. I’ve loaded up on salad ingredients. And for the past half week or so, I have lunched on nothing but healthy and delicious salads. No breakfast.

I don’t miss burgers or bagels or breakfast pastries.

Actually, I do. Honestly, if I had my way I’d be eating a box of Duck Doughnuts every single morning with a very cream filled coffee.

And honestly, I know that I could probably eat healthily without having to eat salads for lunch every single day. Alas, while I’ve spent a lot of time in the past trying to make my diet less boring, I’m now thinking for the sake of convenience I’m going to make my diet, at least during lunch, as boring as possible.

That doesn’t mean bland. Just, not very interesting. Salad with dressing. Vegetables, sometimes some whole grains. Things that my doctor tells me I should be eating more of. Stuff that would surprise no one. I made a salad excel sheet that turned into these charts:

Turns out that salad dressing, as a concept, is three parts oil to one part acid, mixed in with an emulsifier like mustard or mayo or pureed avocado. Looks like oil is half of the calories in the salad that I made. Vegetables don’t seem to have a ton of calories, and the protein like the chickpeas and quinoa have more but still a low number of calories to get to my goal of 6-700 calories. So extra virgin olive oil it is, for now.

Dinner, on the other hand, I’m going to try and make more intricate. More adventurous. Slightly higher calories. Something to finish up the day with a spark.

So far, so good.