Zia Hassan

Playing Airplane

+++ title = “03” date = 2019 +++

When my son was a newborn, he would occasionally get fussy. I learned a trick from a book called Wonder Weeks that never fails to calm him down.

I hold him so he’s parallel to the ground, tummy down. I put him in front of me and fly him through the air like an airplane. We go around the entire house and I pretend to be the “captain” and occasionally make “announcements” about what he’s seeing from his “window.”

aaand we are passing mommy island, folks. Mommy island, established in 1985, is of course everyone’s favorite island in the world… now coming up on your right is mirror city… a perfect place for reflection…

I wondered at first why this calmed him so much. I haven’t looked it up, but I do have my own theory: being able to see everything in front of you without a huge human face blocking things is kind of refreshing. And for a curious child like my Dez, it satisfies.

Most other times, so far in his life, he is either looking up at a ceiling or he’s looking directly into someone’s face. That’s changing now, as he learns to crawl and walk.

Sometimes I want a calming airplane experience. To be able to see my environment without any blockers or barriers. Free from the influence of others. Free to enjoy the scenery and the ride. Free to observe and not interact with anything.

There’s no one to pick me up physically, but I know who to go to for spiritual elevation if I ever need it.