Zia Hassan

A Soul Has No Beat

The thing about a calling is that it’s really easy to ignore. There are people that go their whole lives without hearing it, despite how loud it can call.

I remember the urge, when I was three, to tell people how to do things. Perhaps it was a bit bossy, but the fact that I’m now an educator isn’t surprising in retrospect. And the fact that even before I was an educator, teaching was the part of my consulting job I connected to the most.

I made up songs in the shower since age 6, and am still a working singer songwriter. The ability to mystify using magic was the start of my passion for storytelling.

But I didn’t hear these callings, not until later. And it’s possible I would’ve never heard them at all, if it weren’t for my mentors. That’s the value of a mentor; getting the mentee to tune in, to listen to the calling coming from their own soul.

I guess the soul is the thing that is hardest to hear.

It doesn’t beat like a heart.

It whispers like a stream.