Zia Hassan

Real Tips For Fighting An Oncoming Cold

I thought I was getting sick over the last couple of days. My throat got really raw, and I felt the discomfort starting to move around from my throat to my nose. I have a business trip coming up that requires public speaking so I needed to act fast.

There are many who say that there is no way to shorten the duration of a cold or to lessen the symptoms. But based on being a teacher and experimenting with remedies, I disagree. Here are some ways I’ve managed to stomp sickness before it starts.

The key with any of these is to start the moment you get a first hint of a cold. Slightly scratchy throat, headache, whatever that means for you. Once you’re a stuffy monster, none of this stuff will really help much.


You can buy this on amazon. It’s meant for athletes. It’s a powdered drink mix. For whatever reason (probably hydration) it has helped me dodge many colds. I drink two cups of it (more sometimes) every day that o feel like I’m getting sick.


You can get tablets of umcka root at CVS or amazon. This is what actors use to prevent getting sick. My mother in law told me about it, and combined with Skratch, it’s the real deal.


I use this as a just in case. Research seems to suggest that zinc really helps right at the onset of a cold, so I add this into the mix if I’m going all out.

Sleep at 7pm

Rest is arguably the most important factor on the list. You have to rest in order to get better. Your body has to heal itself. Go to bed at 7. If anything, you’ll get the immense satisfaction of finally getting enough sleep for once. That’s almost reason enough.

Of course then you’ll wake up at 4am to write the blog post you normally write at night. But that’s an acceptable compromise.