Zia Hassan

Hatred As A Transaction

There are people out there whose sole focus is to get you to love them. So they do things that they think will make you love them; they will ask about your life, the records you’ve been into, the food you like, the meaning of your life.

And then there are people who want to inspire hatred toward themselves. They are the ones who troll, who post nasty comments on the YouTube channels of children. They are the people who yuck your yum. They crave interaction, and inspiring hatred is the cheapest interaction of all because doing so activates our defenses in no time.

Sometimes these people have both characteristics. They want love from one group and hate from another. More interactions, more purpose, more meaning… even if they have to buy an exclusive Wu Tang album to do it.

But these are two different transactions. The transaction of love is time and energy well spent. It’s finding someone else in the world who loves the way you do. The hate transaction leaves us feeling even more alone than before. It outlines our differences. It only benefits the hater by inflating their power.

Don’t let them make you hate them. No matter what.