Zia Hassan

Certainty To A Beat

I’m certain that I’ll see sunlight when daybreak hits, even if it’s filtered through clouds. This makes me feel safe.

I’m uncertain whether or not my presentation will go well. This makes me feel tense.

I’m certain that in one hour, it will be 9:43. It would completely and absolutely surreal if this didn’t happen. Safe.

I’m uncertain that I’ll be on time for my flight because of the traffic. Tense.

All day long, all week long, all year long… we collaborate with certainty in order to find meaning in life. Certainty isn’t a train ride in a park. It’s a rollercoaster, or better yet, a dance partner. It dips and spins us, tensing and relaxing in the dance.

The dips and spins come right on the beat each time, because certainty has an incredible sense of rhythm. The sun comes up each day predictably, on schedule. And when it rains on us the day we left our umbrella at home, we say to ourselves, well perfect, exactly, of course it would. Even uncertainty, even unexpected circumstances, approach us to the beat, like a new dance partner at the ball.

So while we can’t know everything about what will happen to us, we also wouldn’t want to since it would ruin the music and take out all of the interesting parts of the rhythm.

And rhythm? That’s everything.