Zia Hassan

Music Is Legacy

+++ title = “11” date = 2018 +++

I watched Coco recently (I’m late to the party). My first thought afterward was how poignant the idea of music as legacy is.

When we pass down our music to our children, we give them a little piece of our soul. It’s true for the original songs I write for my kid, and it’s true for the Beatles and ABBA records my dad played constantly on our road trips in the 90s.

A song that is loved and shared and loved again is a legacy. When it’s shared with us, we quickly co-opt it as our own; when we share it with someone else who loves it, the effect of the song becomes 10 times as strong.

“To remember someone is to keep their spirit alive.”

We often sing beloved songs of the dead at their funerals.

It’s a good thing, too. The music we share keeps our spirits alive.