Zia Hassan

Touching My Projects

Jerry Seinfeld once said that his secret to productivity was writing one joke per day, putting a big X on the day in his calendar and then doing that every day, so as not to “break the chain.”

I’ve been using this life changing app called Productive to do the same. Every day I have to do 7 habits. The trick to doing this with a job and a little one is that I swipe off the goals if I even touch them. I read two pages of a book? Swipe. I made notes on a mix? Swipe. I fixed one piece of buggy code or played through some jazz chords? Swipe.

The goal is just to hit them every day, and of course the less I put in this app, the more progress I can make on each project but I’ve just never rolled that way. I’m a 72 projects at once kind of guy and I’ve just gotta accept that. The second screenshot shows my “perfect” days, which means I hit all of my goals. Sometimes, that took 30 mins. Sometimes 5 hours. It’s been very fascinating.