Zia Hassan

Marvelous Mrs Maisel The Quick Capturer

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I get really excited when I see actual artists, or even portrayals of artists, using techniques that I use myself to produce art.

I noticed this as I was watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon. I loved that she carries around a notebook to capture ideas as she sees them. It doesn’t matter what the context is. She could be on the subway, getting her nails done, with her friends… her brain is constantly on a low grade search for new inputs to turn into material. It reminded me of the process I’ve documented before on how I use the iOS app Drafts.

Clearly the show’s writers have similar techniques that they use to capture ideas for the show. At least, I imagine they do.

Quick Capture is a technique that is also covered in the life-changing book Getting Things Done by David Allen. It made me realize that the thoughts we have are so fleeting, regardless of if they excite us while we’re having them. Most “million dollar ideas” aren’t ever written down, or even typed into the notes app on a phone. Certainly, action is how you get things done… but quick capturing your thoughts enables action.