Zia Hassan

Change Your Diet

You can change what foods you eat, and it will have at least some kind of impact on your life. You might feel that you have more energy, that you’re happier, that your mood has improved.

You can change the type of material you read online. Certain social networks have been shown to have negative impact on mental health. You might find that you judge yourself less harshly when compared to others, and you have less of an urge to get into arguments with strangers.

You can change the type of sound you listen to while you travel. If you constantly listen to music, try the natural sounds of your travel. You might find that you pay attention to things which attention was previously never paid.

You can change the internal voice that your mind hears. You might find you’re easier on yourself, that you see yourself as a human, complete with facets and flaws. You might find you get closer to achieving your goals because you aren’t stopping yourself.

You can change any of the inputs in your life and see what effect it has on the outputs.

You can change. It’s not easy work. But you can change.