Zia Hassan

The Stove Is Better Than The Oven

+++ title = “02” date = 2018 +++

I was watching Gordon Ramsey on YouTube, and he said that one should never put anything into a pan that isn’t hot enough to sizzle. And ever since I’ve adopted this way of thinking, I’ve enjoyed cooking about 1000% more.

The feeling that I get when the food drops from my hand into the pan and immediately starts to sweat and get aromatic is indescribable. It’s gotten to the point at which cooking using a frying pan turns into a little ritual for me, with music playing the lighting set perfectly in the kitchen.

When I have to use the stove, I’m far less excited. Magic that is visual is more pleasurable than when it’s contained in a black box.

When it comes to the pan, it’s the smell and sound of the garlic and onion that I like the most. It’s like a bass line because it grooves. The rest of the ingredients are the chords. The garnish is a melody.

Maybe cooking is the key to insight.