Zia Hassan

Yucking The Yum No Guilty Pleasures

“Yucking someone’s yum” could be defined as being overly negative about something that someone else is fond of, in front of them.

I’ve yucked people’s yum before without realizing it. Especially when it comes to pro sports, which I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand.

I know better now.

Yucking the yum is the type of activity that can cause long-term shame (of the yummer) in exchange for short-term satisfaction (of the yucker).

This occurred to me when someone once described listening to pop music as a “guilty pleasure.”

It makes you wonder: outside of morally objectionable activities, why would someone feel guilty about doing something pleasurable?

And if you can’t come up with a reason, we could conclude that most pleasure is innocent.

Take the person who feels shame over liking pop music. At some point, that person’s yum was yucked. Yucking the yum is like stealing a piece of someone’s joy. It erodes the soul and quiets the voice. And if you engage in this sort of activity, you’re a joy thief.

If you need an alternative, try the phrase “It’s just not for me.”