Zia Hassan

New Homes New Spaces

I’ve finally moved into my new home in Letts Hall. It’s funny to think that I used to live on Northside and work on Southside and now it’s the exact opposite. Once I stopped working at Weichert, there wasn’t a specific time of day that I could write in this log, so I stopped unintentionally. Once I find that time in my new job, I can update daily once again.

I’ve been seeing lots of free movies lately, courtesy of Aimee’s job at an advertising agency. Miami Vice was one of the better ones, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking for a good plot. Interested in seeing Little Miss Sunshine, because I want to see Carrell doing something different. I’ve been reading quite a bit as well. DeBono’s Thinking Hats is very well thought out, but just like any other new way of thinking, it will be rejected countlessly by organization leaders who have “always done it this way.” As for new music, I’ve been listening to the Silversun Pickups (excellent guitar tones, great writing) and now a band called Maritime. Still sit on my couch and listen to Eno on Vinyl. I almost have all of his rock albums.

Speaking of which, the apartment is one of the most exciting places I’ve ever been in. Nevermind the fact that I can live for free in a fantastic room with a queen size bed, the shower is one of the most refreshing things I’ve ever used. The new job has been stressful, but eventful, mainly because of the amounts of red tape I’ve had to trip over to get things to happen. It’s always disappointing when someone comes up with a new method which will conserve worker’s time and energy for more important tasks, and the organization sets up twenty hoops for him to jump through. It’s also frustrating to spend energy on a project and not know whether or not the product will actually be used.

RA Training begins in a week and Paul comes back as soon as it’s over. Then, welcome week begins.  Mike left for Texas, and we had a nice goodbye party to send him on his way. Old Ebbit’s Grill – I ordered the mussels. They were good, but I wish I had gone with the seafood salad. When mealplans don’t exist, I try to be as extravagant as possible with my dining decisions. Ed and Scott are moving into a new apartment which looks promising.

Plans for today: maybe recording with Andy, getting school-ish supplies, Joe’s Record Paradise for entertainment music.