Zia Hassan

Mid Week Mid Night

+++ title = “05” date = 2006 +++

There’s been a lot of downtime at work, lately. So much, in fact, that I’ve been archiving all of my livejournal entries in this log. I always thought it’d be fun to look at old entries, and it was. I was a pretty melodramatic/attention craving high schooler – most of my posts were about how much I hated my life, how much I wanted a girl, theater drama, and songwriting. What’s interesting: whenever someone asks me about high school, what I thought of it, I always say that I enjoyed it. When I think back, I don’t remember all of this loneliness and depression. I remember the good friends, the ones that’ve stuck, and some of the ones that haven’t. And for the record, I love my life.

Anyway, I’ve archived it and indexed all the entries by tags on the main page of this log. You can look for your name and probably find posts that pertain to you. I’ve made the tags as detailed as possible so I can revisit memories whenever I feel like visiting. I’ve only archived up to mid-2003 because the process invovles a lot of reading. Just makes me want to write more though, so I can come back to it later. Give the idea of “blogging” some meaning.

Saw Chris and Andy tonight, unexpectedely, because I thought Andy had work and Chris originally had other plans. Chris’ call woke me from a 3 hour nap that I took after work. I haven’t done that sort of thing in a while, it was refreshing. We smoked an apple-orange-mandarin mix on my deck. Speaking of which, I want to try and cut down the amount of shisha I smoke to once a week, if that. It’s a good thing that this habit doesn’t continue during the school year. A trip to McDonalds afterward to satisfy the hunger, and a conversation about drunk driving laws.  Andy suggested that the government only get involved when there’s an accident due to drunk driving, rather than enforce the blood-alcohol level limit.  It’s absurd to me.  

I’m going to continue reading my book, and probably watching Alias before heading to bed. Plans for tommorow: watch Fast Cheap and Out of Control with Andy and/or Chris. Work is becoming more bearable everyday, and I’m not sure why.