Zia Hassan

Born Lever Puller

+++ title = “01” date = 2006 +++

It’s important to stay friends. I believe people live their lives by living things that have already happened to them. Maybe that’s why things pass us by so quickly. So you’re in this ride with a few people, and then it becomes your way of living as you move on to new rides that will become your way of living in the future. This may explain the emptiness I’ve been trying to conquer. Perhaps all I needed was people who were there for that ride.

I ordered squid tonight. The sushi place we went to is one that we’ve been to before. The place where awkward tension was strung out like sweaters on a clothesline, where Liza tried her best to order something I would enjoy as much as her, and teetering between whether or not I was lying when I said that I like Bento Boxes. I wasn’t. This time around was almost uneventful, but in a way I preferred it. We heard about London and we talked about characters from old volumes. The outing was spontaneous, different, it was what I expected and I loved every second of it. That is why I ordered squid.

This isn’t deep. My aim is to get away from deep because it gets too complicated. My goal is get to the surface as quickly and calmly as possible.

I was into discovering a new record on amazon and being taken by the rave reviews, which I understand now are mostly long-time fans or record label or management people, and downloading it on napster or Audiogalaxy. Finding some sort of gem of a song, and playing it through my Harmon-Kardon speakers, no subwoofer, and the window was open. Sometimes home seems really far away. But maybe that’s what I will be saying about 213 one day. In the same way, I miss Letts 5 North.

I’ve decided that I would like to live in the country after this. Foreign country, or this country, just somewhere rural. Someone told me today that my record got them through hard times. I’ve wished for that. Never expected, just wished.

I hardly used to watch TV, but ever since I’ve started using torrents I’ve had the chance to watch some great shows. Prison Break, Weeds, 24, My Name is Earl, Book of Daniel (got cancelled tonight).

What is it about DC that makes it lonely and lively depending on the flavor that week? The tapioca pearls give the bubble tea flavor, and I had some without the pearls the other day, I wanted my money back. That’s it – that’s why the sleepless nights. Once the novelty of the city wears off, all you have left are those pearls, until you can’t find them anymore and you’re stuck with some odd tasting milky substance.

mindy smith – falling (sendspace.com/file/5aoa69) I promise you’ll like this.