Zia Hassan


I’ve decided to try something brand new. I’ve been going to bed the past few nights unfulfilled and I’m not sure why. Even after lots of thought, I can’t put my finger on it. I have a few ideas.

My brain hasn’t done any substantial work in a long time. I need a Rubix cube probably. Something to work on physically as I’m emotionally sorting stuff out. I bought a puzzle when I was 7 which had four pieces, and no matter how hard I tried they wouldn’t fit. Every combination led to a dead end. Turns out it was one of those one-fell-swoop moves, with two halves (two connected pieces) swinging into each other and clicking into place.

That’s the type of revelation I’m hoping for. Everytime I try to write a song, I’m blind. And everytime I finish a song I enjoyed writing, I’ve remembered.

In our staff meeting yesterday, Rosie asked us to draw a house as a metaphor for our being, and then label the foundation, windows, walls, roof, and chimney with words that describe certain qualities of ourselves. We all agreed that it was interesting, even though it was just a simple self-reflection excersise.

My foundation is one-ness. Lately, I’ve been reading books about networks, emergence theory, and the idea that everyone and everything is held together by eternal and universal thread. The idea that we all need each other. Comfort.

Maybe it’s winter. I live behind an ampitheater, near a stream which never flows unless it rains.

I want to add that I will be posting songs here that I think are enjoyable.