Zia Hassan

Okay Okay Alright Already

Why do people get offended when you give em compliments?

Ok so it’s maybe it’s not really offense they’re taking. I’m talking about that kinda awkward stare they give you, and then after a quick “thank you” they run and tell all their friends about how weird you are. And then they begin to think you have something for em or something. There are so many people, and I wanna tell them how great I think they are. I’m like that. But the thing is most of them I don’t know very well. They’d think I was being stupid. Or coming onto them or something.

so why tell them? well, because… I dunno. Partly I want them to feel what I’m feeling. I mean there are tons of people this can apply to. People who are on stage, people are who are just in daily life being great people. Cuz we’re running outta good people quickly. It’s cool when someone is cool. Does that make sense?

I walked home alone today. I usually get a ride home from school with jess, but today she had auditions, jon had something to do…. i took the bus. My sister was with a friend, so I couldn’t chat with her. I guess it’s just that I hate being bored. I can’t understand why this feeling is there, it’s so strange. It’s kinda like I’m looking for something new, but that new is something that’s buried in the past.

I keep getting these flashbacks of Egypt, and actually back even farther. It kinda soothes me. Megaman, that’s where it’s at. I used to play that all the time in elementary school. I dunno why I like it so much. The colors of an 8-bit nintendo system is aweosme.

I just want all this shit to end. Cuz once it does, once exams are all over, it’s a 5 day weekend for me. So great.

I’ll write more about all this later. I’ll probably just add to this entry. English calls.