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+++ title = “04” date = 2003 +++

Today was most definetely a gorgeous day. School got over at like 11:40, but we didn’t do anything in chambers really, so 5th and 6th period really dragged on. Nothing really important happened today in school. Yesterday I sang for the entire school, a song I wrote for the Every 15 Mins program. I don’t think anyone really cared about the song, which is fine, I woudln’t have cared either if I was in the audience.

Today after school I went to Checkers with a few friends and that was amaazingly fun. We took Linzy’s convertible and in 83 degree weather drove out into the big city of Gaithersburg. God, it was gorgeous. Blue skies and everyone in the car was happy and having a good time. PJ was making me laugh as usual. Havin’ that guy around makes any situation better. I think if I ever were sentenced to the electric chair… nevermind this is a really bad example. Even if I were sentenced to the electric chair, not even the Poo Song could make me feel better.

But yeah, it was very satisfying. And then I came home and napped. I realized that that is what I’m going to be doing from now on. Coming back from school and just taking a long ass nap on my comfy bed with the fan on high. Blasting some sorta music. Today it happened to be Robbie Williams’ new album. Can’t believe Best Buy sometimes… 5.99 for this record. So far it hasn’t really moved me, but it sounds like it has potential. As always it’s well produced. I love Guy Chambers, Robbie’s producer. He really knows how to make a good project.

OK here is my 3rd quarter report card!

TV – A
Show Choir Intern – A
Screenwriting – A
AP Theory – C
Chambers – A
English – B
Psych – B

And I’m very happy with this. Creative writing was an honors course, so I’m figuring screenwriting is an honors course too. And that means a weighted 4.14. I guess that’s not fair… since it’s an elective AND it’s so easy. And fun as shit too. Marks is a reallly funny guy. Two rules to remember about women, he says. Number one, they are all crazy. Agreed. Number two, they are all sisters. Like, they will fight and fight and bitch at each other, but the minute a guy disagrees it’s like HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!

And, the new strong bad email rules! Matt Chapman has been quite off lately. Thank God he’s back!

I have to admit that I am running back and forth between writing in my journal and watching American Idol. Kimberly Locke is in the bottom 3 and I have no idea why. Josh Gracin should be. I mean, truly, if he wins the competition, he said he’s still gonna be a marine. So he can’t go on to be a pop star. I just don’t understand you, America.

Simon was right. Josh is extremely lucky. Now, to find out who really gets booted…

OK, that was bullshit. No eliminations this week? Cuz of Corey Clark. Yeah that’s just… so FOX.

Back to what I was talking about before. I don’t really even remember. I need to strum my guitar for a while…