Zia Hassan

Last Show

+++ title = “03” date = 2003 +++

Tonight will be my last Wootton show ever. As one would expect, I’m nervous, sad, and really excited about giving one more hurrah on the Woottton Stage. It’s been such a fun ride.

The past two shows have been very long nights, with lots and lots of events. Thursday night someone from the cast fainted because I guess she was stressed, and was feelin’ light headed. We sold out last night, and had almost 1000 people in the audience. We actually sold 994 tickets, but there were people in the audience who didn’t buy tickets (ushers, parents, etc.). So it was gorgeously amazing.

Today the seniors make paper plate awards for the cast members. It will be quite interesting. I have to leave at 3 or so, so I really hope that 3.5 hours is enough time to make 60 paper plate awards.

I’m feeling really refreshed right now. Last night I had a revelation, and now I feel a lot better.

Okie doke… time to rock this out one more time. Oh yeah, and haircut tommorow 😉