Zia Hassan


+++ title = “03” date = 2003 +++

A semi eventful day in the life of me.

The day at school was short. I think this is mainly due to the fact that Billy, Jon, PJ, and I left school around 4th period to go to McDonalds. A day well spent, because in the words of Billy… McDonald’s is the shit. We saw all the QO kids there on their open lunch break. Glad we had Billy with us, otherwise there’da been trouble brewin. Not really. But still, it’s nice to feel safe. Ah, being a senior. Nothin better.

After days and days of long rehearsals, it was nice to finally come home at 2. I was gonna go for a walk with Christine originally, but then it rained and she had work to do… and it was probably for the better, because I got some time to chill in my room and play soft music and strum my guitar.

Yuck. Just coughed and it burned. I’m really congested. This needs to end. I mean, we have a show tommorow night, and then I have to sing in front of the whole school on Tuesday. I’ll just take some sudafed and hope for the best.

Where was I? Yeah, so I came home and was chillin out at my computer and then Mariam called me. Turns out she was on the beltway and the traffic was horrible, so she needed a place to chill so I had her over till dinner time. I guess she went to Jess’ then but it was a nice afternoon. We didn’t do anything – just kinda sat around and talked, watched a little bit of the news and groaned at the TV.

I have to register for the Selective Service since I’m 18. I hate the fact that I am forced to sign up for this shit, and if I don’t I could be in jail for 5 years. I mean really, how much sense does that make? There are some who would argue… but my point is still valid. I also just emailed American back about this overnight thing they’re doing. I figure I should probably go and see what my Universtiy is like when you’re living there. Plus, I might meet someone I want to room with, it’s probably a good idea.

Then I found out I had to write an essay… and Schlaf helped me write it. Funny thing about him, is he knows exactly what he’s talking about, yet he never does the work himself! No shame in it though … as if I’ve turned in anything on time in the past 2 months. I think Ms. Jones was pleased that I actually had something in on time. Funny person that Ms. Jones. Movin to Cali right on the day of our AP exam. Well, good for her I say. Enjoy the sunshine Ms. J.

And of course, there is a show tommorow night. I plan on playing Skip Bo with David until the very minute we have to go on. Cuz that game rules and I need to go crazy before the show. And what better to go crazy than with Skip Bo? I could truly be a salesman.

On a crappy-ass note, Saturday night they’re predicting T-Storms… meaning we might have an indoor apache. That is fucking ridiciolous on closing night of the show. If it were just a matter of costumes we could just take them off. But I guess getting everyone to take off their mic is gonna be a pain in the ass. So… indoor apache it is 🙁

Gone through an entire packet of gum on this entry. Ugh! I am a sick bastar