Zia Hassan

Opening Night

Tonight was fantastic. Everything went perfectly and the revolve worked at the right times, it was really a fun night to be playing. Sarah said something kinda thought provoking… the fact that we’re 18 and being in Les Mis is something that not a lot of people can say that they did. I’m really proud and excited about this production. It’s everything that I wanted my last musical at Wootton to be.

I got there at like 4:30 cuz my sister had crew shit to take care of. So I hung around with Peter J for a while and got into costume. I think I was on tonight… I just hope it’s the same for tommorow’s performance, because I have so many people that I know coming. I mean, the washington post is coming, nick blamire, mariam & crew, my parents… it’s just gonna be sick. So I gotta do the same thing that I did tonight, even though my voice is really fucked right now. No one that I’m hardcore friends with showed up tonight…

I’m a little worried about Andy… he’s not being too joyful about the show, although I know that he feels joyful about it. Hopefully by tommorow he’ll be feeling better about it.

The after party was fun. It was at Brandon Gage’s house and there was pizza and fun people. Now I’m just riddiculously tired and on such a high from a great fucking show. Sleep time