Zia Hassan

Last Rehearsal

My last rehearsal on the Wootton stage today. Didn’t feel any different from other rehearsals. I’m gonna feel it later I’m sure. Well tommorow’s the night… apache and freshman game… and opening night. It really crept up… especially since I came into rehearsals a month into the picture. It will be SO incredibly nice to not have rehearsal after school anymore. To think, my sister and I are actually going to come home tommorow! Haha!

Well here’s the bottom line : our show is ready. Even though we missed like 5 rehearsals we are so caught up and so ready to get this shit on. Brodsky even said our show looked amazing. Really good. He complemented me! Said that I had passion. That was cool of him, it made me feel good.

I can tell this show’s gonna be mad crazy cool. Goin out with a bang.

Sister and mom shouting now. Eyes closing. Sleepy time.