Zia Hassan

Bi Polar

think I’m Bi Polar. Honestly. Tonight started off in the worst mood ever. I felt like shit, and like I had no friends. Then for some reason all of a sudden that attitude changed and I felt really happy. I feel like bouncing off the walls. If I’m not bi polar, there is definetely something wrong with me. How can a person go from a really really sad state to a really happy state within like an hour?? I won’t question it. It’s a good thing.

Well let’s see. What happened today. It snowed, a dusting but enough that my car was covered in a layer of snow. So it took me a while to defrost, but luckily everything went according to schedule. Like everything in life, the traffic in the morning follows a certain pattern. If I get thrown off, then EVERYTHING gets thrown off. If I’m a minute late, I’ll miss the green light that won’t turn green for another 3 mins. It’s crazy. Well not really, it’s just the way traffic works.

The stat quiz went pretty badly. But I’m not worried, getting a C this quarter would be fine, I just need to do really well on the exam, and like billy said that shoudln’t be too hard.

Found out I have a B in psych no matter what. Love that feeling. Crew was cancelled, so I got to hang out with my baby. She was a little hesitant at first, she wanted the afternoon to herself. But eventually she gave in :-). We hung out for an hour and I loved it. We just sat there and talked in my bed. I told her corny things and she swallowed it. It was beautiful, it was exactly how I want our relationship to be. I really love Christine. I’m even starting to like Subway because of her. Heh.

I’m a nut… a real nut. Then I got home and got on instant messenger. For some reason, a reason that I don’t understand now, I was jealous of not being in Laura’s profile. Like I always am. But right now, I’m thinking back on it, and wondering why the hell I felt that way. Christine really is great to me.

Hungry. Gotta go eat.