Zia Hassan

Supersonic Lazy Love

+++ title = “01” date = 2003 +++

  A very eventful day in the life of the Z.

I woke up at 5:15, COMPLETELY expecting a 2 hour delay. The worst thing is, my mom walked in my room and started picking stuff up off the ground without saying anything… I figured maybe she was letting me sleep, since it was a 2 hour delay. Then she said “Isn’t about time to get up?” I was so mad. All I wanted was two more hours of sleep. I am really staying up late these days. I mean it’s like 11:15 right now. That is late for me. My eyes are completely bloodshot.

We arrived 5 minutes later at school than we normally do. I don’t know what that was due to. I left on time and got Christine on time. Somewhere in between I guess something was outta whack. Maybe cuz of the ice?

I missed a lot of first period because I had to go and announce the chorus concert on the announcements. That was fun, missing Stat is always fun. Apparently, Gerst is training me for TV Internship next semester. At least it’s not someone I can’t stand. Although I can’t think of anyone I can’t stand in that class.

I got a C- on the last essay on Tess that we had to write. She said it was one of the most complex essays she’s ever given a buncha kids to write. So a C- really isn’t that bad. I really think she has something against me or something.

The day went normally. We had a sub in Theory so of course I skipped and went to see Christine. She looked cute with her glasses. Even cuter without. Then in Creative Writing, Ms. Jones told me the journal entries I wrote were the lamest things she’s ever read. And that I need to do something brilliant for her by the end of the quarter, because she didn’t want those to be the last memories she knew of me. I reminded her that we have a whole bunch of new memories to make 2nd semester since I have her for AP Lit. Apparnetly she’s going to go easy on us… I hope that’s a truth.

Meanwhile, I’m failing Theory. I think there are like 10 assignments that I haven’t turned in. And if I had turned them in, they are of very poor quality. I hope our midterm assignment isn’t something really hard.

Then, in 7th period I tried to conduct the chorus, and that was ridicculous. I can’t conduct worth shit.

Well I’m exhuasted, I’ll write about the chorus concert tommorow.